Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"It Needs Only A Good Bottle of Wine for a Roast Chicken to be Transformed into a Banquet"*

So,  you enjoy a good glass of wine. You enjoy a good bottle of wine! Don't we all? But what do you do, when in a moment of confidence, you decide to invite everyone you know over for dinner and drinks? 

What wine goes with what meat? What if someone doesn't eat meat? Can they have the same wine you're serving to everyone else? What if a guest brings champagne and you're serving a lamb roast? Oh, the humanity! 

We put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes. We spend too much energy mulling over wine pairing and not enough actually enjoying what is in the glass. At the end of the day, if you can get a decent meal on the table, and a keep the glasses full, you're a wonderful host. But if you need a little re-assurance, check out this simplified wine pairing chart from Wine Folly.

A good pairing is always appreciated; and if you're lucky enough, your guests will be so impressed, they'll offer to help with the dishes!


*Gerald Asher, The Pleasures of Wine

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