Monday, 25 February 2013

Summer Vacation

Oh, that magical moment in the middle of the afternoon, when you've finally gotten the baby to nap, and the sun comes streaming through the living room windows, and warms up the hardwood floors to a temperature reminiscent of late summer beach sand. And if it weren't for the half-eaten pieces of teething biscuits you step on, your feet would swear you're on vacation.

There's no reason you can't fool your taste-buds, though;

Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay 2011

Tart green apples and citrus on the nose, almost gritty minerals on the palate, definite green herbal background notes and a delightfully creamy mouthfeel.

Typically, I would drink this wine on it's's so complex and deserves your full attention.

To obtain the "Tidal Bay" designation, a wine must be 100 per cent Nova Scotia grown, use only approved grape varieties and be approved in a blind tasting by an expert independent panel. There are also regulations concerning winery and vineyard practices. Benjamin Bridge Tidal bay is a(n arguably perfect) combination of L'Acadie, Muscat and Ortega. Tidal Bay from all Nova Scotia wineries, though, represents a specific style of wine that highlights our distinctive terrior. This wine tastes like it has a story to tell you.

Although we tend to prefer red wines in the colder months, this summery white is definitely a welcome guest in our glass, at least during the afternoon sun, or until baby wakes up...

Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay 2011
Specs; Brix (average at harvest) 17.5*, pH. 2.99, TA/12g/ I, RS
17g/l, 11% alc/vol 750ml
Gaspereau Valley
SRP $21.99

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