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May 31, 2013

This new southern-style grill restaurant on Somerset will impress you first with its eclectic décor, second with its down-to-earth and attentive servers, and third with its modern twist on some good ol' fashioned eats.

Union is exactly what Centretown needs - a new, fresh, fun and good place to eat, not far from the Elgin street hubbub.

The glass bottles that play the role of light fixtures and chef's tools that serve as beer taps may be the first things you notice. I invite you to walk around and take the time to check out everything hanging on the walls in the back, the bookshelf and the mysterious basement *wink*.

The food menu is much simpler than the drink menu (points from me here!) - but is in no way "boring". You'll find dishes you'd expect like delicately fried catfish sandwiches, spicy fried chicken or creamy hominy grits, but will also discover their roasted carrot salad, deep fried pickles and mouth watering specials of the day. As good as the food is, the presentation and service is what puts Union above the rest: stylish tin trays bring the décor of the place right to the table, individual mini hot sauce bottles on your tray, and smiling, chatty, knowledgeable servers.

One thing must be said - if you're going to Union for lunch with work colleagues, don't expect to be productive that afternoon! The bourbon cocktails and delicious - but heavy - meal will make you wish you could take a little nap!

I am looking forward to trying Union for dinner - and hanging out downstairs for a couple "easy" drinks with friends.

Rating - Perhaps Ottawa's most unique restaurant - fun for the mouth and the pocketbook!

- Rachel

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