Monday, 16 September 2013

Treated like a "Queen" in "King"ston - Le Chien Noir

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This is the second time that we have eaten at Le Chien Noir in Kingston. It's a lowly lit venue with bistro-style inspired décor. The wine list is pretty good - some original picks at various prices - and the menu is both reliable and surprising.

Whether you live in Kingston or are just passing through, you can depend on the Chien Noir for its famous and always delicious steak frites, with locally sourced beef (!) and more Québecois than French style frites. They also have fresh oysters (different picks daily) that are sourced from Ottawa's own Whale's Bone, served with the regular fixings and some homemade ones as well. While the oysters are a tad pricey, the rest of the menu, including a Prix Fixe option, is very reasonable.

The main dishes are hefty portions (often served with sides like lobster mashed potatoes...) and are exactly what to order if you're looking for comfort food. Personally, I think their selection of starters (more like small plates) are where it's at.

I had the flank green bean and heirloom tomato salad, which was so light, fresh and full of flavour thanks to the basil infused vinaigrette. It was so good for such a simple idea that I was only slightly jealous of Andy's tuna tartare. Beautiful pieces of tuna, served with lotus chips and lots of sesame and ginger. The perfect juxtaposition of tastes and textures in both these dishes proves why this restaurant is so "dog"gone good: great chef, great menu, excellent servers, with a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Rating - Best restaurant between Ottawa and Toronto, no question!


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