Thursday, 7 November 2013

Girls night out @ Supply and Demand

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I am sure you've heard by now about this new spot in Westboro that supports local businesses (in fact, you'll get a 10% off coupon for a local boutique with your bill) and whose chef is daring and unique. If Air Canada's En Route magazine has heard about it, it's about time you have as well.

It's a pretty small place, so recommend making a reservation. Even on a Wednesday night, we watched the tables turn over twice while we were there... Can't imagine what it would be like on a weekend!

So, as is our wont, we ordered oysters on the half shall to start, paired with a lovely sparking Vidal from Ontario. At $10 a glass, it's comparable to what you'd find price-wise at neighbouring restaurants. However, the oysters have got some of our "go-to" seafood places (who shall remain nameless) beat. Each one was pefectly shucked - no shells, no bits, no crunch - and the platter came with three accoutrements made in house. I'll gloss over the mignonette, fresh horseradish and lemon slices, to get right to the stand out piece de resistance: a mint and jalepeno concoction to drizzle (read douse) over your fresh little oyster. Flavour bomb! Perfect balance between savoury and spicy. Delish!

The choice of appetizer was a clear one for me, having had these for this time at Pidgin. I chose the shishito peppers. A fun appy to share with the table - you never know who will get a spicy one! My girlfriend had the kale salad, and the only bad thing I can say about it is that it's undervalued on the menu. The description in no way prepares you for this caesar salad wannabe, with toasted pine nuts, fresh grated parmesan and traditional (not creamy) garlic and oil dressing. An absolute must have. You'll feel less guilty about it because it's kale.

I could have spent the evening trying all the small plates and appetizers, as they offer such a variety from both land and sea: scallops, cured meats, crudo, mussels... But against my rules of not having pasta twice in one week (sinful, I know) I went with the squid ink rigatoni.

If you think you've had good squid ink pasta dishes before, you'll be in for a surprise. This spicy red sauce dish has tuna and proscuitto meatballs. Yes. Both. Together. In each meatball. And a fresh mint addition that cuts through the spicy tomato sauce. If you're more into carbonara sauces, well, you can opt for the black pepper spaghetti that is served with a warm poached egg. Can I get a "ohhhhh yeahhhhh" ??

And if pasta isn't your thing at all, no worries. They have fish, surf and turf like you've never seen (ha! beef and lobster ain't got anything on octopus and chicken) and, like I said before, various small plates to keep you interested for hours. And I must mention the wine list, which is diverse, slightly favouring Ontario and BC wines, and very reasonably priced. Our bottle of Cycles Gladiator, Petite Sirah, 2011, was just about 100% mark up - about half of what I would have expected.

Rating - Make a reservation today before the demand out does the supply!!


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