Friday, 28 March 2014

"Take the Stone Road home..."

Rachel reviews the Stone Road Grille in Niagara-on-the-Lake

March 8, 2014

What a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday before or after you’ve visited a few of the wineries in Niagara. You’ll think you’ve gotten the wrong place when you pull into the bizarre parking lot… looking for a classy joint, and seeing only what looks slightly different from the convenience store window. But don’t fret – you’re in the right place. Open the door, and walk into what would happen if an English pub met an Italian eatery and had a baby.

The menu is simple, but varied. If the starters seem slightly over-priced for what you think you’d get, don’t worry, the mains will blow you away. Savoury, crispy frites served in a paper cone and homemade ketchup to accompany your classic pastrami sandwich with a twist: the coleslaw is in your sandwich, and you’ll never want it any other way again. The burgers were juicy, the Caesar salad garlicky and the bubbles in my Meglomaniac Brut Rosé fresh and alive!

It would be expected that a place like this have a great wine selection, but what we enjoyed was discovering the “not so familiar” wineries’ finest juices. Not only did we walk away with our bellies full, and our palettes sated, but our wallets lighter as we stopped down the street to pick up several bottles of the Pillitteri Exclamation Cabernet Franc we had for lunch.

Rating: If I lived in Niagara, I’d be there once a week….

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